Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apple 3D for Construction

Synchronized BIM Modeling as per body movement?

According to Houston Teal, a spokesperson for this technology (Houston is from Software Advice

"The video is a mock demonstration of Apple's 3D head-tracking technology and a building model. According to the rumors, Apple's technology will allow users to change perspective of an object using their body gestures. Instead of dragging your mouse, you simply turn your head to look behind an image."

An obvious application for this is architecture, and more specifically, BIM. So they put together this video to help demonstrate this.

Software Advice also ruminates about the potential of this technology for estimating. When combined with takeoff software - a system that allows contractors to measure areas and lengths to determine quantities of construction materials (e.g. how many 2×4s are needed to build a wall) - contractors could perform calculations without ever picking up a mouse or keyboard.

They're years away from this becoming a reality, but in the meantime here's the video that demonstrates what the technology could do...

Wow! Here's something I haven't seen, yet: